Friday, February 6, 2009


Jessica went to a stake "Girls' Night Out" thing, so I am home but going to the gym soon.

I haven't "blogged" in a long time, so I thought I would throw up a couple things (the verb seems appropriate given Jessica's week too):

  • It's official -- I am somehow, some way allergic to baby carrots. I could be allergic to "adult" carrots too, but does anybody really eat those anymore? Seriously, who wants to buy and then peel the "Bugs Bunny" type carrots when the baby ones are oh-so-easy to eat right out of the bag? Anyway, I got a new bag of them I was munching on at work, and then the sneezing started. I think I blacked out in the middle of it, and woke up with tiny chewed bits of baby carrot all over my office. And then I remembered that this has happened on wayyyy too many occasions to be coincidence. So I'm stamping it down as official -- I am allergic to them and I'll devote my life to finding a way to make baby pears without a core that I can just pop in my mouth and down.
  • Who buys the "middle" gas type? I don't even know its name, but it's in between the regular unleaded and the premium. Do gas stations just keep 10 gallons of that in the back in case someone actually buys it? Is there a law that you need three levels of gasoline? If you're going to go "premium," why not just go all the way?
  • I love learning things in podcasts -- for instance, two random facts I can pass along: 1. Redheads require on average 20% more anesthesia than non-redheads. It has something to do with the lack of pigmentation and cells not clinging to the anesthesia or something. 2. The chief of the British military is named Jock Stirrups; he was interviewed on a BBC podcast. Seriously? Jock Stirrups? I'm calling that made up...

That's all. You are all loved.


Tracy said...

Redheads are also more likely to bleed during surgery ... I know from experience and my nurse sister told me it was a fact after my c-section. Crazy. :)
I like your random thought - they make me smile.

nicole said...

I think the allergy to baby carrots is all in your head. Maybe, if you had a more "positive attitude" about eating the baby carrots, you wouldn't feel like sneezing after you eat them.

(heh, heh)

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe I didn't think of that first! Who DOES buy the middle gas??!? Whose car is listed in the specs as requiring the "middle" gas????

I buy the cheap gas because I am poor and drive a beater. My mom buys the fancy gas because she is rich and drives a fancy car. Who is poor and driving a fancy car, or rich and driving a beater.....I mean....where is that middle gas middle ground....

I'm totally perplexed.

Jessica said...

You know what, tomorrow, I'm gonna treat myself to a little 89.

Courtney said...

Another random fact about anesthesia.....while redheads require more, individuals of the Asian persuasion requires much less. Seriously, they're lightweights (I got that info from several of my anesthesiologists at work, so it's gotta be true!)!!