Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun at the State Fair

Jess and I went to the State Fair on Labor Day -- awesome time. Some pictures, videos and comments:

The highlight of the day was the Jumping Dog competition, including this great leap (not catch) by a nice black Lab:

There are some questionable contests and wins in the State Fair, including this embroidered quilted jacket that I thought might have been dug up in a 1988 time capsule... but instead found that it won a blue ribbon:

And lest you think this is just one crazy outlier, I give you as evidence this entire showcase of questionable judging choices. I didn't take the time to see the contests these things won blue ribbons for, but I'm guessing "Most Likely Clothing Article To Be Found on Clearance at Mervyn's... in 1989."

If you get a 3rd-place ribbon in the "Jarred Dilly Beans" category, do you tell anyone about it?
Or even a 1st place prize... for a "Adult Danish Cookie" (no, I'm not sure what makes this an "Adult" cookie)

And here is Jessica, enquiring after an embroidery machine... on sale for just $8495! On a $1999 table! Don't worry, I already told the saleswoman they forgot the decimal point on this $85 machine. They didn't find that amusing.

Overall, we had a GREAT day! Our Tomato Truck Runneth Over...