Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Predictions for 2008 & Beyond!

For the last two years, Jessica and I have had some people over for New Year's Eve, and we've made it a tradition of making predictions for the coming year (lovingly stolen from Dr. Todd Hillyard). We seal them up in an envelope and open them at year's end, finding that we are parts sooth and parts ridiculous. Here are some predictions I NAILED for 2008:

  • "I will be engaged or married to Jessica." NAILED IT!
  • "I will break a bone" -- OK didn't nail it but tore my Achilles so I'm putting this in the "kinda got it" category
  • "Gilbert and Nicole will get pregnant" -- NAILED IT!
  • "Matt and Catherine will have a child" -- TRIPLE NAILED IT!
  • "Earthquakes in Southern California, China" -- I was amazed at this one, I'm opening up a psychic hotline now
  • "Obama elected President" -- now I'm on a roll
  • "Housing prices continue to slump - US in recession" -- HOW COME NOBODY ASKED ME?! Also, how come I didn't re-allocate my 401(k) so I wouldn't lose so much? Hmmm...

Here are some I was way off on, for humor's sake:

  • I will go to Hong Kong twice (none, actually and remarkably. Now that I have friends there I wish I were going finally. Harrumph.)
  • Jessica will get a new car (apparently I forgot about the whole "married to me" prediction)
  • BYU will go to a BCS bowl (grrrrrr....)
  • Celebrity Deaths: Jimmy Carter, Paul McCartney, Bob Barker, Dick Cheney, Paul Harvey, Neil Diamond (no on each count. Maybe next year.)
  • Patriots win 25 straight games (not even close -- thanks to a Tom Brady injury)

So -- what are some predictions for 2009? Here are some of mine, feel free to add yours in comments and I can check them at the end of 2009:

  • There will be an exciting new space discovery
  • Justin Timberlake gets engaged to whoever he's dating (it seems like it's about time)
  • There will be new "To Catch A Predator" Dateline shows
  • Two college football teams finish undefeated and 1-2 in the polls
  • Madonna & A-Rod begin publicly dating (again, it's about time)
  • International community/UN intervenes in Sudan & Congo
  • Jessica & I have a boy
  • Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro pass away within weeks of each other
  • Jessica will win a prize of some kind (besides me as her husband)

What say ye? Have any predictions?

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Hayley said...

haha same here! i had like 75% of my predictions come true! :) ill be your psychic assistant! only, im not so sure about this year... with the election and gas prices and stuff, i feel like theres not very many political things i can be right about again... oh well. we will just have to see in 365 days