Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

I enjoy celebrating the New Year (particularly this year, since I had someone to kiss) because of the fresh start. Jessica and I enjoyed some intriguing conversation (well, I enjoyed the conversation anyway, I can't speak for her) about the effectiveness of goal-setting at the beginning of the year and how to go about it. Regardless of whether or not it works, I have my own system that I rather fancy (and no, writing in a British accent is not one of my goals for this year).

I like to break down my resolutions into separate categories of my life: Financial, professional, social, spiritual, intellectual, physical and -- for lack of a better term -- "Grab Bag." In each of these areas I usually have one main goal and other secondary goals; for instance in Financial my primary goal is "pay off private student loans." Those of you who have spoken to me on a regular basis over the last 3 years will perhaps be more pleased than I when that one is crossed off, since I feel like I start half of my conversations with "I can't wait to pay off my Citibank student loans."

Then there are the random resolutions that don't lead up to my main goal in each category, and those go in "Grab Bag." In the past this list has included, "Shoot 82 in golf," "Get Christmas gifts bought by early November," "Buy a $5 cup of lemonade from a kid's stand," and "Complete all-night road trip with Mountain Dew and Red Vines" (crazy delicious in case you were wondering).

Here are some main goals I would like to share with you, since sharing them makes it more difficult for me to quit:

  • Pay off private student loans (Enough already Dave!)

  • Write on this blog weekly (This one is especially for Jessica)

  • Frame 5 of my pictures and hang in my house

  • Shoot a golf round of 82 (this one is still there)

  • Read in the scriptures daily, no exceptions (except some exceptions -- no, wait, I guess not)

  • Hike 50 miles

  • Work no more than 55 hours per week, including conference calls with Hong Kong and late-night email blitzes

  • Back to my playing weight (and no, not my sumo wrestling playing weight thankyouverymuch)

I would appreciate your friendly assistance in these endeavors. Let's start with helping on the first one... I take donations via PayPal.